The Cellink pro

Cellink Pro

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The Cellink pro is an additional battery built for powering your dash cam. It can provide power to your camera system for up to 100 hours.
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The Cellink Pro is the best solution for those who want a significant amount of parked recording time from your camera. This battery pack is suitable for people who leave their vehicle stationary for a couple of days at a time. The Cellink pro is fully charged by 1 hour 30 minutes of driving. When fully charged this battery is capable of providing a front only camera power for 100 hours, or a front and rear system power for 50 hours.

The Cellink Pro has in-built monitoring systems to ensure it does not drain your vehicles battery, this can also be set at a lower voltage cut-off for use in a hybrid vehicle.

The Cellink Pro can be installed into any vehicle and will usually be placed in the boot, as this is a discreet location and is out of your way. It will then need to be connected to your vehicles battery.

Technical Specifications

– 15000mAh@12V (192Wh)
– LiFePO4 battery technology
– Super Fast Charging time: 15A mode- 1h 20min, 10A mode- 2h
– 2Ch camera recording time: 50-55hours or 1Ch recording time: 90-100hours
– Low battery Cut-Off protection (limit 12.4V)
-OTP – Over-Temperature Protection, SCP – Short Circuit Protection, RVP – Reverse Voltage Protection, OCP -Overcharge Protection.
– Smart charging mode
– Internal battery charging status: from 9.9V-0% to 14.9V-100%
– Dimensions- (L) 119 x (W)186 x (H) 90 mm and weighs 2.9kg.

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