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Our top 5 tips for driving safely in the snow

Our top 5 tips for driving safely in the snow

Driving can be a dangerous affair at the best of times but with the temperature plummeting below 0 and snow on the ground driving can become even more hazardous.

It is advised that you avoid travelling in these conditions all together, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Of course, we know this isn’t necessarily practical. If you do need to venture outside we want you to have the safest journey possible, which is why we are sharing the best advice for driving in snowy conditions below.

Remember, if you do have the day off. Enjoy it! Throw a snowball, build a igloo, go sledging, then sit down with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and order a dash cam ūüėČ

  1. Preparing for the journey- Before travelling you should ensure that all snow is cleared from the windscreen, mirrors, bonnet and roof! This is to ensure you have an unobstructed view of the road but also to prevent the snow on you car flying off to blind other road users.
  2. Vehicle checks- Checking the amount of thread left on your tyres is a must, the minimum for this weather is 3mm. Having at least a quarter of a tank of fuel is essential when driving in this weather as you do not know when you will next be able to fill up.
  3. Safety equipment- Since journeys can be longer than expected you should ensure you have the following items in your vehicle: shovel, torch, blanket, jump leads, tow rope as well as some water and munchies.
  4. Drive smoothly- Pull away gently, if using a manual start in second gear to prevent your wheels from spinning on the ice.
  5. When Driving- Slow down, you should drive at a speed that is appropriate for the conditions of the road. Stopping distances can increase by 10 times when there is snow or ice so remember to leave a greater distance between you and the car in front.

As previously mentioned, it is safer not to travel in these conditions. But if you are heading out for a drive please follow the above advice to ensure that you are as prepared for your trip as possible allowing for a safer journey.

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How To: Improve the quality of your dash cam footage

How to imrove dash cam video quality

There are a variety of dash cams on the market today, ranging from simple cameras worth £50 to high end cameras that have all the bells and whistles and cost £300. With such a difference in price there is bound to be a gap in quality, which is why we have compiled this list on how to get the most from your camera.

1- The best way to ensure your footage is the best quality is to ensure you purchase a camera that can record in at least 720P HD. Anything less than this will result in unclear footage and may not be able to be used in court.

2- Check thResolutione settings of the camera. Most cameras will have an option for you to adjust the recording quality, you should always set the recording quality to a minimum of 720P at 30FPS.

3- Adjust the camera position. It is of the utmost importance that the camera is positioned in the correct place, otherwise if an accident occurs and the camera is pointing at the sky, your evidence is gone. You should make sure the camera is as central and as high as possible.

Car Cleaning

4- Keep the vehicle clean and tidy. By keeping the windscreen clean and ensuring there is no clutter in front of the camera it will improve the video quality. The last thing you want to see when looking for evidence of an accident is that air freshener or dice hanging from the mirror unit.

5-Use a high quality SD card. We recommend using a class 10 SD card as these are best suited for the high-intensity use it will have inside a dash cam. Alongside this, you should format the SD card at least every three months to ensure it is functioning correctly and there are no corrupt files.

By following these 5 points, your dash cam will record high quality, clear footage of any incident that happens in front of the camera. You will also be able to send this evidence to the police and it is court admissible.

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Congratulations to our dash cam winner!


Neil McCall with his competition prize

Many congratulations to Neil McCall, the winner of our recent dash-cam giveaway competition.

Neil was selected at random by computer and took delivery of his prize last Friday when our nationwide installation team visited him at his home in West Heaton, Manchester. He is now the proud owner of a Blackvue DR650S and a Power Magic Pro hard-wire kit.

installation of dash cam
Installing the dash cam

The DR650S is a stylish forward-facing 1080P dash cam Рa  high-performance camera that is one of the best available in terms of recording quality with full HD capability. It also has a variety of useful features such as cloud technology, built-in WiFi and GPS.

Couple this with the Power Magic Pro hard-wire kit, a power-monitoring unit which prevents discharging of the vehicle battery, then you have a pretty robust camera system for your car.  As part of the giveaway prize, Neil was also lucky enough to have the whole system installed for him.

As you can see from the photograph here, once in place the DR650S offers a very discreet and stylish solution to an on-board camera.

Find out more about the BlackVue DR650S today/a>

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Speeding Fine Law Change

Speeding Fine Law Change

Drivers who are caught speeding on or after April 24th will face harsher penalties that will be based upon how much you earn. The new rules mean that you could face a penalty charge of up to 175% of your weekly income!

Current Laws

At the moment, the minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and three points on your license. Whilst the maximum fine is £1,000 or £2,500 for motorway offences.

The Changes

With the new laws, anyone who is going between 31 and 40mph in a 30mph zone will get three penalty points and a fine of between 25 and 75 per cent of your weekly income.

For those who are caught travelling at more than 101mph in a 70mph speed limit you could be disqualified for up to 56 days or receive 6 points on your licencse and get a fine of between 125 and 175 per cent of your weekly income.

The changes are a result of speeding offences increasing every year from 2011. Since 2011 the number of speed awareness courses has increased from 772 to 1,216. This statistic is from the Department for Transport statistics.

Read our article on mobile phones and driving. to find out the full information on the new laws regarding the use of mobiles when driving.

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Dash Witness x Ambit Dash Cam Giveaway

Dash Cam Giveaway

To celebrate our partnership with Ambit, we are hosting another dash cam giveaway! The lucky winner will get themselves a BlackVue DR650S-1Ch dash camera, power magic pro hard-wire kit and a professional installation.

The Prize:

BlackVue DR650SThe BlackVue DR650S-1Ch is a 1080P full HD front facing dash camera that has Wi-Fi and GPS built-in. This is one of the highest quality cameras available and our best selling front only camera. Alongside the camera, is the power magic pro. This accessory is needed for the camera to be hard-wired into the vehicle, allowing for parking mode to be used as well as allowing the cables to be hidden.

The professional installation will be performed by one of our fully trained auto-electricians, who will arrive on time, at the date, time and location agreed before hand. The engineer will perform the installation to the highest standard and ensure all cables are out of sight.

View The BlackVue DR650S-1Ch Product Page


To enter our dash cam giveaway all you need to do is fill out your full name and email address here. The competition will last until April 30th at 11:59PM and the winner will be drawn on May 1st. Read the full terms and conditions of this giveaway.

Enter Our Giveaway Today

What is Ambit?

Ambit is a community of those who look after workplace vehicles and anybody who drives as part of their working life. Ambit enables collaboration through connecting people and driving related resources. Find out more about Ambit today.

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Mobile Phones and Driving

Mobile Phones and Driving law change

From today, the law on using a mobile whilst driving is changing in the U.K, this will increase the punishment given to those who are caught using a mobile device when driving. The news of this law change has been greeted by much support from a variety of local police forces and general motorists alike, with both hoping this will create safer roads and less accidents.

TExting whilst drivingWhat are the consequences?

The points and fine you receive if caught using a mobile device whilst driving will be doubled, going from three points and a £100 fine to six points and a £200 fine, along with this there will no longer be an option to go on a driver retraining programme.


These new consequences mean that everyone who has held their driving license for less than two years will automatically have their license revoked if they are caught using a mobile when driving. For those who have held their license for longer than this are left with only six more points to accumulate in a three year period before they lose their license as well. We hope that these changes will act as a serious deterrent and lower the amount of people who use mobiles whilst driving.

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August Dash Cam Giveaway Results

Dash Cam Giveaway Results

Dash cam giveawayOn July 20th we started our first ever dash cam giveaway, the prize was a Lukas Qvia T790 front only dash camera and installation. Last night the competition closed, the response we received was overwhelming with over 700 entries. However, entry number 40 proved to be the lucky number…

Congratulations Mr Toby D

Dash Witness would like to congratulate Mr Toby D who has won the giveaway! We will be in touch with you over the coming days to arrange the shipping and installation of your new dash camera.

As a ‘thank you’ for entering our dash cam giveaway, all entrants will shortly receive a promotional offer.

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ITV’s Car Crash Britain Returns Feb 2016

Dash Witness Car Crash Britain Cover

Car Crash Britain returns to our screens on ITV at 9pm this evening. It provides an intriguing, yet at times terrifying look at what is for most of us a daily event… driving on British roads.

The footage shown has been captured from dash cameras mounted in a range of vehicles. The cameras are usually mounted at the top centre of the windscreen and in most cars they hide from view by sitting behind the rear view mirror.

RollsRoyce-DashCamDash Cameras are not all born equal. There are now many low cost solutions but there are also high quality dash cameras with a host of impressive features. Least of these is the parking mode which will keep the camera rolling even with the ignition off. Smartphone apps allow you to review, download footage and adjust settings with ease. With the latest technology you can even view your cameras remotely.

We concentrate on providing only high end cameras that can be professionally installed, we don’t like cables and you certainly won’t see any once we’ve finished installing your dash cam.

For some friendly advice feel free to give us a call on 01865 598599, we can discuss your requirement and the options available. We also have a web chat facility, see the bottom right of the screen.

See our selection of dash cameras here

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NEW Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Image: New Evoque Convertible

Forty metres below the streets of London, the first prototype of Land Rover’s new Range Rover Evoque Convertible was granted exclusive access to the 26-mile network of Crossrail tunnels for a development test with a difference.

Like it or not, the new Evoque Convertible will be available in 2016.

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Dash Cam Captures Mechanics 118MPH Test Drive

Image: Mechanics High Speed test Driver

This motorist was left feeling slightly suspicious after an alleged half a tank of fuel went missing whilst his Focus ST was in for a routine health check.

Thankfully, he had the foresight to fit a discreet dash camera, a simple check of the footage would put his mind to rest. You can image his surprise when upon checking the footage he found that the mechanics had taken his vehicle for a very thorough test drive indeed.

The dash camera recording shows the mechanics travelling at speeds often well in excess of the set road limits. Not to mention the undertaking and general carelessness shown to the customers vehicle. To add insult to injury you can also hear the driver’s colleague rummaging through a bag belonging to the customers son.

This video does however highlight yet another fantastic reason to fit a dash camera. No need to worry when you leave your vehicle with a mechanic, or in airport parking for that matter!

Your vehicle, is in most cases the second most expensive purchase you will ever make. If you suspect that someone who you have trusted with your vehicle, has taken advantage, misused or even caused damage then wouldn’t it be great if you had the video footage to prove it?

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